Defeated Sanity - Prelude To The Tragedy

This German brutal death metal band is browsing the scene since 1994. After some demos and split releases they are now bringing a new brutal chapter. You get 8 tracks with deep growls, groovy drums and vivid riffing. Songs that are bulging but with various breaks and tempos. Defeated Sanity listened good to bands like Suffocation and friends and therefor they can easily picked up. An album that is pushing you onwards the edge of devastation.

1. Liquifying cerebral hemispheres
2. Drifting further
3. The parasite
4. Horrid decomposition
5. Tortured existence
6. Apocalypse of filth collapsing human failures
7. Remnants of the deed
8. Prelude to the tragedy
Grindethic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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