Defechate - Overthrown Into Oblivion

"Overthrown Into Oblivion" is a five track EP by the Italian death metal band Defechate. I believe the band to be a project overall with the two members from other bands such as Humangled, Glacial Fear, and a favourite (release) of mine from last year - Antipathic.

The combination of talent between the members enables fresh ideas put into this twenty minute long EP. There's lots of fascinating twangs and "bwomps" from the technical aspect of the bass guitar, which is usually drowned in in heavy music but here it's as open as a door to a very creative release. 'Electrocution' is the opening track and probably stands as my least favourite. It's an in-your-face full on assault but the remainder of the tracks reveal more interesting factors and directions that death metal can take. The EP really impresses with the track 'The Pulsating Crust' as Defechate adapt a prog metal vision, which sounds super epic in general as if it's constantly building up towards something truly evil.

Tato's vocals are highly varied in styles, ranging from grunts, growls and groans yet always remaining in the lower end of vocals yet often ended in a higher black metal-esk bark. His vocals from Antipathic prove to be an excellent choice for a tech metal record, so it's interesting to see his styles altered when it comes to focusing on a completely different project.

In the EP's short life, the band are able to take multiple elements of grindcore, death metal and progressive and form something that's almost quite unique in the underground metal scene. At times the production is the only fault on this EP, yet I do not believe that to be an issue with a band's debut EP release as surely the only way is up. This EP has my interest peaked on a future release from this band or any other of the members projects.


1. Electrocution
2. Rotten Planet Dies
3. Overthrown Into Oblivion
4. The Pulsing Crust
5. La Morte, La Stessa

Self released
Reviewer: Max James
Mar 3, 2020

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