Defenestration - Gutter Perdition

Defenestration from Nantes in France, are an old-school sounding death metal band with thrash influences. Their 2018 debut EP titled 'Gutter Perdition' contains five beastly brutal tracks. All of which feed the appetite of any hungry death metal addict. The production is polished nicely despite their 90's death metal vibes, and the vocals consist of metal's accustomed growls and grunts.

Whilst Defenestration offer nothing new to the table, the material provided from this EP is passionate, determined and heavy as fuck. Opener 'Blinding Sublimation' sets the EP's mood and pace with fierce animosity, barely leaving any silence for the listener at all. 'Sorry To Apologize' see's the band somewhat separate and move towards a grind genre with some slight vocal variety and perhaps faster riffage and drumming. Favorable track and sadly the final from the EP is 'Akkarian Oracle'. Thick crusty yet thrash riffs pummel its listener from start to finish with a production that any pre 2000's death metal band could only dream to accomplish. 'Gutter Perdition' is just the appetizer on this table of foods, and I can't wait to have a taste from the main course on the band's next release.

  1. Blinding Sublimation
  2. Vintage Carnage
  3. Jizzus
  4. Sorry To Apologize
  5. Akkarian Oracle