Defilement/Unhumanity/Deformed Cadaver - Triple Underground Devastation

Here we have one very curious triple split CD released by the German label Rebirth The Metal Productions. First on the list are the Serbian death metal maniacs Defilement. The band exists since 2003 and they already have one debut full-length album behind their backs - "Revel In Madness" from 2009. In "Triple Underground Devastation" they offer three tracks of grinding death metal influenced by the darkened sound of Immolation and the utmost brutality of Broken Hope. Those guys know how to play fast and heavy so I can see why they are popular in Serbia (according to their bio Defilement have shared stage with Vader and Cannibal Corpse on their concerts in Belgrade). My only remark is that the drums' sound could have been much better - there is a need of improvement in that direction.

Next come Unhumanity - one of the best Bulgarian death metal bands. They have one self-titled EP from 2011 (which I highly recommend if you are looking for qualitative death metal) and now they have put three new songs on this split CD. What you'll get from them is heavy as a ton of bricks death metal with elements from Deicide,Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. The Unhumanity guys are experienced musicians,their music is built around complex guitar riffs,blasting drumming and the fierce growls of the vocalist Petar Mihaylov. The sound production is on a very good level and you can hear what every single instrument is playing. My personal favourite from their three tracks is "Zombie Syndrome" because of its slow dramatic beginning. Unhumanity are one very promising death metal band so look out for them.

The last band is actually a one-man project called Deformed Cadaver. Andreas Rieger is the guy who is behind this name and he delivers three bloody chunks of slamming brutal death metal. I guess we all know what this means - guttural vocals,heavy guitars and tempo changes from ultra fast to crushing slow. Andreas uses drum-machine which unfortunately sounds quite irritating to me. The sound of the guitars could have been much heavier too. You will hear some Mortician here and some Devouerment there in his music but nothing new or surprising. This is just another slamming brutal death metal band but if you don't mind the lack of originality then check out Deformed Cadaver.

The conclusion:if you are into brutal death metal then pay attention to this CD. You will have the chance to know some good new brutal bands and to support them in their struggle to put their names on the extreme metal map.

1. Defilement - Death Machine
2. Defilement - Beneath The Massacre
3. Defilement - Rejection
4. Unhumanity - Assault
5. Unhumanity - Impariable Ethics
6. Unhumanity - Zombie Syndrome
7. Deformed Cadaver - Regurgitated Torso
8. Deformed Cadaver - Hacked And Slashed
9. Deformed Cadaver - Cadaver Dissection

Reviewer: Tsvetan
May 15, 2013

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