Defloration - Abused With Gods Blessing

Defloration, hailing from Germany, give us a rather heavy offering going by the name "Abused With Gods Blessing". Even the name sends abit of a shudder up the spine for it sounds abit wrong doesnt it? That saying lyrically these guys are influenced by nothing more than the sick and the macabre.

This is the bands 4th full length which if im honest, is the first time ive heard them. I think if you blended the 1st four Cannibal Corpse albums along with the 1st four Suffocation albums you would be very close to the sound of this album. So as you could imagine, these guys are pretty damn heavy!!! The riffs are catchy with some real cool breakdowns but most importantly they pack a punch. The songs are very written with all instrumentation complimenting each other with one purpose in mind: absolute power.

The drums here are like a jackhammer battering the skull and it has to be said the drum production here is fantastic. Very natural in feel and sound whilst maintaining alot of clarity.Nice! The bass backs up all the drum clamps and the 2nd guitar parts and really emphasises the heavy parts. Vocally, they are very deep and gurggly, perhaps abit monotone and abit one dimensional, but fuck it, it works well with the music. I do admire the fact that the vocals are very deep though very pronounced. It sounds like early Chris Barnes singing Suffocation songs. I have to point out that the production is very heavy here. Super chunky and very thick for optimum heaviness!

Songs like "Braindrill", "The Real Massacre Of Knife" and "The Fade Of Poor" really jarre the senses and are the sonic equivilent of getting your head blown off with a shotgun! If anything i would say when there are solos in the songs they sound abit hidden in the mix, they can be heard just not overly clear. Though i have to say, I was very impressed with this cd having never heard of the guys before, its nice to hear this type of thing on a sunday morning!! I have to admit I most certainly am a fan!

1. Angel Of Wrath 
2. Lost In Addiction 
3. Braindrill 
4. Mr. Finster 
5. Digested By Conspecifics 
6. The Real Massacre Of Knife 
7. The Religious Way 
8. The Fade Of Poor
9. Standing At The Abyss 
10. Negation Of God
War Anthem Records
Reviewer: Connor
Nov 14, 2010

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