Degrade - Lost Torso Found

Degrade, a gore band from Sweden, released their most recent effort on Permeated records, an Italian label, and WOW!, this is fine gore. LOST TORSO FOUND represents a style I have heard plenty of in my time listening to the heaviest of the heavy, but for some reason the vocals brought up a new image with which to describe and think about them; a large rat with motor blades for teeth instead of standard incisors. I think about this image because I have often thought about the sound as an excretion, something that exits one place and does damage to something elsewhere. I still think of this when I listen to gore. But with Degrade’s style on this album I finally realized that the point of Victor’s vox is to simultaneously create the effect of a beat that will somehow poison a victim before arrival and then to chew on the corpse for extreme pleasure and excruciating pain. As in, Degrade is a stand-in for this beast that erodes his outer world over time and still beats at it even though it is already dead. LONG LIVE Degrade and LOST TORSO FOUND is one of the good gore releases of 2007.

1. Torso Extraction
2. Prenatal Butchery
3. Blood Rampage
4. Lost Torso Found
5. Bag Of Disposed Organs
6. Drastical Dismemberment
7. B.T.K.
8. United In Brutality
9. Degraded Into Worms MK2
Permeated Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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