Dehumanized - Beyond The Mind

New York’s Dehumanized have returned with “Beyond The Mind” which is their 3rd full-length effort. Their last album, “Controlled Elite” was an absolute classic, but “Beyond The Mind” is beyond insane! Just when you think that this band cannot get anymore brutal, they prove us all wrong. Everything that fans have come to expect from this band are included on this album ten fold. Nothing really pushes the envelope here, but their longevity is best regarded through their brutality and judging by such, they will be around for many more years to come. It doesn’t take multiple listens to understand why. Before the first track is over, you will understand why Dehumanized is one of the best best bands in the business.

Right from the intro riff, which is somewhat reminiscent of more recent Slayer riffage, you get such a cold and unforgiving feeling. From here you get a sludgy type rhythm and a really nice low end growl that automatically took me back to Suffocation’s “Breeding The Spawn” album. From this point on, hell ensues. As far as further riffage is concerned you can pick up on elements of newer Immolation as well as a demonstration of what Gorguts would sound like if they had a more of a grind element in their material and presentation. Yes, there are a lot of old school influences here but they are applied with more passion and technical ability than many bands playing this type of material. While there is a good amount of technical presentation here, there is no, what I like to call, “fret board tap dancing”. Compared to some bands who would rather create incomprehensible clusterfucks than actual songs, Rich Nagasawa keeps things pretty simplistic. He’s no showoff, but you’ll definitely know he’s got talent and that is something that I totally respect in a guitar player. George Torres is equally talented behind the drum kit. From slow tempos, to the mid-paced, and even a few well placed blast type beats, he has mastered his instrument well as his precision is impeccable. This album is a must for those into the drumming styles of the old school bands from the 90’s and even the early 2000’s. The bass lines from Anthony Cossu, are pretty decent but seem to be overwhelmed a bit with everything else that’s going on here. It doesn’t ruin the overall enjoyment of the album though, but I feel that during the production and mixing the bass could have been bumped up a little bit. Even with this minor glitch, the overall production is amazing and showcases the material on this album nicely, even  the vocals! Yes, the vocals are great here. Michael Centrone is an absolute beast on vocals. The patterns he uses complement the other elements of the music damn near perfectly. When you take every element here and combine them, the result is pure sickness! This is a great album from beginning to end.

While their last effort was good, they are so much better on this album. The Suffocation and Malevolent Creations vibes and influences carry over from the last album, but everything just sounds so much thicker and more brutal than on “Controlled Elite”. These guys deserve a lot of respect for the time and effort they put into making this CD. If they continue becoming more brutal with every album, this being their 3rd, it’s hard to imagine what the next one will sound like or even 2 albums down the road. These guys know what real death metal is about and combine traditional and technical styles for a perfect blend that will please fans the world over.

  1. Worthless Prosperity
  2. P.C.C.R
  3. Beyond The Mind
  4. Black Market 2099
  5. Abyss Ambassador
  6. One North
  7. The First Immortal
  8. Last Words
  9. Drawn By Blood
  10. Telepathics