Dehumanized - Controlled Elite

Dehumanized's "Controlled Elite" is nothing short of a death metal classic. While there is nothing new or innovative here, these guys really know how to keep the torch lit so to speak. Combining nice, thick drum work with razor sharp guitars and an ever so slight grind core element, this CD would be a satisfactory addition to any collection. As far as influences go, fans of Broken Hope, Malevolent Creation, Vomitory, Krisiun and Vital Remains will definitely want to pick this up. Starting this CD off is the track "Bloodties". Right off the bat this track is right in your face. What stands out most to me is the guitars which remind me a bit of the work done on Entombed's "Left Hand Path" and "Clandestine". Everything from the vocal patterns to the tempo are done very well here and this leads us into the track "Body Colonizers". This track is like a nod to the old school with a new school attitude. Pretty simplistic riffs and drumming here, but what I really like about this song is the echo effect of the vocals in certain parts. Not much else here as this is a fairly short tune.

"Soiled" starts off with a nice little Suffocation type vibe. Awesome riffing going on here. Up until now, this is the first track on the CD where everything fits together flawlessly. Some might think that these tunes are too simplistic but it's when you try to be too technical and add too much filler and bullshit, you screw everything up. Now, "Set in Stone" comes in with a Deicide/Bolt Thrower vibe (if you can picture that). Really cool solo around the 2:30 mark. The only other thing I can say about this track is that these guys have made their mark and their mark is "Set in Stone". "Controlled Elite" is one of those songs that has a movie clip type intro to it. These types of songs are beginning to annoy me a bit. For one, the intro doesn't seem to fit the brutality of the ensuing tune. The song itself kicks ass from first note to last but I think it was a poor choice by the band to include the intro here. "Immorally Reborn" opens up with nice riffing and reminds me why I love this form of music. Malevolent Creation vibe from "Retribution", "Stillborn" and "In Cold Blood" really creeping up on me here. This is definitely one of the best tracks on the CD. They totally knock it out of the park with this one. The riffs seem semi-technical here which sets this song apart from the others.

"His Burden" is yet another example of the phrase "Brutality Through Simplicity". The one thing that annoys me about this song are the higher end vocals. Believe me, they do not do this song justice. However, I am very thankful that they aren't pig squeals! Not that those are a bad thing. They just wouldn't work here at all. "Root Of Evil" is an interesting track. While it may not be melodic in structure it almost sounds melodic in delivery. The solo work is really good and I will go on to say that this is the 2nd track where everything fits perfectly. Absolutely nothing wrong here. "None Shall Remain" seems to be the main head-banging song on the CD. You just can't help but head bang to the beginning of this tune. This is one that should be played at maximum volume. This is absolutely bad ass. Pure death metal the way it was meant to be played. This leaves us with "Man vs. Man". It starts off with a really cool Despised Icon/Krisiun Vibe. Really cool solo at about the 1:55 mark This was an awesome way to end the CD and they definitely end it on a high note. If you want something fresh, new and innovative, then do not buy this CD. But, if you fly the flag of true and brutal death metal high and proud then buy this and support Dehumanized!


1. Bloodties
2. Body Colonizers
3. Soiled
4. Set In Stone
5. Controlled Elite
6. Immorally Reborn
7. His Burden
8. Root Of Evil
9. None Shall Remain
10. Man vs. Man