Dehumanizer – The Incomplete Man

I have encountered this Peruvian Progressive Death metal band once before this year and I am rather pleased to have a further chance to sing this band’s praises. Musically this is extremely good and the arrangements are very much mature, thoughtful and exciting in many places of the album which is wholly self-funded and released.

Progressive death metal musicians are normally of the highest order in terms of talent, but the real talent comes from the song arrangements themselves. Anyone can put together random notes and riffs, but Dehumanizer has really mastered the art of arrangements. They are easily comparable to the quality of early to mid-period Opeth material, Cynic and even some latter material by Death. ‘Worldwide Corruption’ really tackles the use of groove and aggression and is complimented by some ripping guitar work. Conversely, something like ‘Judgement of the Devas’ handles much more atmosphere with the inclusion of synths that continues through to the track ‘Omitted Equilibrum’.

Dehumanizer should be on the shopping list for any self-respecting progressive death metal fan, the presentation is remarkably professional and it sounds very much like a four or five album seasoned band rather than a debut release for which this is. Dehumanizer handle themselves with the utmost sense of maturity and musical integrity, debut releases of such quality are rare and the track and album title ‘The Incomplete Man’ will certainly satisfy your musical desires.

Self released
Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Nov 20, 2013

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Dehumanizer – The Incomplete Man

  1. Road To Rebirth
  2. One With The Universe
  3. Worldwide Corruption
  4. Against The Wall
  5. Demon Of Fear
  6. Judgement Of The Devas
  7. Omitted Equilibrum
  8. Under This Sky Perish
  9. Invisible Walls
  10. The Incomplete Man

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