Deicide - In The Minds Of Evil

Like most bands of their status, over Deicide's heads looms whether or not the newer material stands up against their classic albums. The bands catalougue has always been somewhat uneven. Never really deviating from their original formula some albums were better then overs but the band always delivered the goods in a live setting. A new era for the band was marked in 2006 with the split with the Hoffman brothers and the release of the bands later day masterpiece "The Stench Of Redemption" the band rediscovered their fury and sounded reborn. That album was also very melodic in the darkest possible way, however it was followed by 2008's stodgy and rushed "Till Death Do Us Part". Not all was lost as the band returned in 2011 with "To Hell With God" that album showed the band back at their brutal best. It was Stench's opposite yet in terms of quality it's equal.

The first thing to note about about "In The Minds Of Evil" is that's it's the bands first album with Kevin Quirion as a full time member. Kevin is also frontman and main song writer for blackened death matallers Order Of Ennead which also features Deicide's very own Steve Asheim on drums (check out both their album especially their debut!) so with that connection it's needless to say he fits right in. Secondly while 90% of the music on the bands last 3 albums has been written by Steve Asheim the majority of this has either been written by Keven, Jack Owen or the band as a whole. There is brutallity coming from all angles on this album! Taking really from where "To Hell With God" left off it's among the band heaviest albums and stands up to most bands half their age.

The overall sound has that dark, thundering heaviness like a mountain crumbling. Think of the way Immolation do that mid paced stomach turning shredding over the double bass drums and you get the idea. Melody only raises it's head in small doses here in the odd solo or lead. 'Fallen To Silence' is a prime example of this. Lyrically nothings changed, Glen Benton still hasn't patched things up with him upstairs! Jack Owen and Kevin Quirion are tight as any lead and rhythm team you care to think of. 'Godkill' could easily come from any of the band first 3 albums. I love the opening lead on closing track 'End The Wrath Of God'. You only have to hear the opening whisper then the crushing introduction of the opening title track and you know Deicide are back.

All in all it's Deicide doing what they are best at, this is easily in the better half of their albums and for newcomers this is good a place to start as any. "Deicide", "Legion" and "Once Upon The Cross" are staples in Death metal's history and are hailed as classics for a reason but "The Stench Of Redemption", "To Hell With God" and now this release are the bands modern unholy trinity!

  1. In The Minds Of Evil
  2. Thou Begone
  3. Godkill
  4. Beyond Salvation
  5. Misery Of One
  6. Beyond The Flesh And The Void
  7. Even The \Gods Can Bleed
  8. Trample The Cross
  9. Fallen To Silence
  10. Kill The Light Of Christ
  11. End The Wrath Of God