Delirious - Made For The Violent Age

Delirious is coming from Germany but is playing Bay Area thrash metal. The sound is hard and heavy and it really thrash away. Songs that are played in fast tempo, aggressive vocals and sharp riffing with nice leads. After the German thrash bands Kreator, Destruction, Assassin this is a nice band. Don't expect some new inventions in the thrash genre but see it as a continuation of this great metal style. You can find connections to other bands (ie Testament) but don't forget that you should enjoy and have fun listening to this album. Beer, airguitar, headbang so what more do you want? But why that fucking cover which Slayer originally did once?

1. Intro
2. Triple Six
3. I Am The Enemy
4. Call Me God
5. Sleep In Peace
6. Idiot Nation
7. Blood Begins To Freeze
8. Hatetrader
9. My Friend
10. Down on Myself
11. The Sky Turns Red
12. Ragers Elite
13. In A Gadda Da Vida (cover Iron Butterfly)
Armageddon Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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