Delirium X Tremens - Crehated From No_Thing

Delirium X Tremens hails from Italy and was founded in 1998 and it took 5 years to release their MCD called "CyberHuman". After this release the bands begins heavily touring
when they decided to write new material for their first full length. We are already in 2005 when the recording started and here in 2007 their first full length is released worldwide. Delirium X Tremens plays mid tempo and death metal. Beside the oppressive rhythms they also accelerate in speedy parts with a nice grunt but also hearing some vocal changes and melody movements like in the opening track which gives their tunes an extra touch. The album is entertaining enough although it take some spins to understand the band. And when do bands stop with that so called hidden track??

1. Liquefied Emotions
2. Trip in Your World
3. Eucharistic Hypnosis
4. DXT Chambers
5. Inverted Re-Logic
6. Cyberhuman
7. File 15469 Cyber Life
8. New-Clear File
9. Inside Me
10. Convulsion
11. Crionica
Punishment 18 Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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