Demigod – Let Chaos Prevail

This is the third album for the mighty Demigod, Finnish death metal band born in 1990. After their first Slumber Of Sullen Eyes in the 1992 and the second Shadow Mechanics in the 2002, we have finally the pleasure to listen a third masterpiece of death thrash at its best. Let Chaos Prevail is a great album, not only old school but also really fresh and played by skilled musicians: the bass frames are simply wonderful, very well supported by a great drum work. The two guitars need another special note: tangled, groovy, technical and atmospheric at the same time: an aggressive singer, right in the middle between a death and a thrash performance, is the last winning point of a perfect album. The only sad note is that Demigod has now split up: this Let Chaos Prevail is already a new classic. Buy it!

1. Not Dead Enough
2. Let Chaos Prevail
3. Dark Turns Black
4. Cult Of Sickness
5. God Said Suffer
6. To See The Last One Die
7. Self Caged
8. End Of Evolution
9. The Uncrowned
10. Baptized In Enmity
Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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