Demigod - Slumber Of Sullen Eyes

Another release in the Xtreem Cult Series. This album was originally released in 1992 and now re-mastered together with a demo of 1991. Demigod is a Finnish band that plays heavy and thick tuned old school death metal. They make catchy doomy melodies with heavy thick riffing guitars. Songs that combining power with melody. They can play a melodic mid tempo beat und easily switch to a short tempo break. It is a bit in the Bolt Thrower style, they never step out the line but the songs are having tension to keep your ears open. Ofcourse it is outdated when recorded in 1992 and curious how they play in 2006. The are searching for a label so most likely a new album is ready.

1. Apocryphal (intro)
2. As I Behold I Despise
3. Deadsoul
4. The Forlorn
5. Tears Of God
6. Slumber Of Sullen Eyes
7. Embrace The Darkness/
Blood Of The Perished
8. Fear Obscures From Within
9. Transmigration Beyond Eternities
10. Towards The Shrouded Infinity
11. Perpetual Ascent
12. Darkened

Unholy Domain
11. Perpetual Ascent (intro)
12. Anxiety
13. Reincarnation
14. Succumb To Dark
Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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