Demon Vomit - Brutal Blasphemy

Poland has its own tradition when it comes to death metal sound. Bands as Vader and Behemoth kind of keep that saying true and now those guys here. Demon Vomit is a band active since 2007 and after two demos it was time for them to deliver their full length malevolence. And that's what it actually is. Ten tons of brutal death metal extremity delivered from this Polish war machine. Of course all this fury makes sense once you check the releasing company. Rotten Music is a new label but really aims for the most extreme motherfuckers out there.

So here they are. Demon Vomit, unleashing their "Brutal Blasphemy". What we have here is a magnificent specimen of well played brutal death metal raw and in your face. 10 songs of wrath combining the finest elements of the genre plus a cover on Deicide's 'Dead By Dawn'. Their songs are constructed in an old school manner. No special technicalities or fuzzy stuff. Just a main strong riff conquering most of the song and then alternations of it plus one or two more. Their brutality does not come from technical playing but from sheer wrathful playing. Whatever they play has to be extreme. From the more groovy moments to the hateful blasting ones, Demon vomit reeks of it.

The riffing madness is followed by the relentless drumming and the tight and rock-solid bass. The vocals are awesome following an awesome flow, adding points to the whole outcome! Their hate for Judeo-Christianity is obvious in every inch of their lyrics and artwork. A throat sliced open and song titles as 'Hanging Priest', or 'Holy Trinity Drowned In Shit', or 'Jesus The Shit-Eater Christ', I mean let's face it. Some guys that really wanna see tons of shit upon religion play brutal death metal. How awesome is that huh? The production of this extremity is the appropriate for the genre. Muddy as hell but on the same time crystal clear allowing everything to be heard clearly giving it space. All that combined with the awesome packaging and layout makes this new album from Demon Vomit impossible to resist. So collect all your hatred for what's divine and sink your teeth into it lads!

  1. Sign the Covenant
  2. Holy Bible - The River Of Shit
  3. Bleeding JHWH
  4. Ecce Homo
  5. Anal Nun
  6. Demon Vomit
  7. Holy Trinity Drowned In Shit
  8. Mother Of God Broken By Dick
  9. Jesus The Shit-Eater Christ
  10. Hanging Priest
  11. Dead By Dawn (cover Deicide)