Demonbreed - Where Gods Come To Die

The striking cover art adorning this debut album by German death metallers Demonbreed leaves you with no doubt that the band has an anti-religious stance. The band maybe be a new name but the guys within the ranks are not with the members coming from the sadly defunct Lay Down Rotten and bonkers deathly grinders Milking The Goatmachine. With a wealth of experience behind them that experience is exhibited superbly on this album which starts with the nightmarish title track intro before 'Vultures In The Blood Red Sky' rudely awakens the release with a vandalising riff and the equivalent of standing next to a diesel locomotive rhythm section that defines the term heavy with considerable tympanic membrane damage.

Old school death metal fans will immediately pick up on the production sounding like Entombed’s "Clandestine" which may not be favoured by the Entombed guys who recorded it but I adore the sound on it much like this. There is an intrinsic beastliness about this album that makes it sound like sonic warfare as the slower 'A Thousand Suns Will Rise' pounds the listener with hacking riffs and a thundering stampede of drums. The earth shattering heaviness with its rugged production is one you’ll either love or despise depending on your parameters of death metal and if it’s clean clinical death metal you prefer then steer clear as this will drown you in auditory bitumen from the off. The gnarled grisly vocals have a feral brutishness about them trawling the depths of subsonic terror as 'Summon The Dead' continues the onslaught of punishing riffing and drum work that owes plenty to early Dismember. Any band wanting global recognition in extreme metal has to think outside of the accepted parameters of yesteryear and Demonbreed adds some deft softer sections but no less ominous and potent.

'Empty Grave' has a scorching riff scarring you with burning welts of death metal malevolence similar to the aforementioned Dismember as the tune pushes the speed envelope to the limit before braking for a slower double kick thrust and guitar lead. The tempo fluctuations deployed on the album are excellent, enabling each tune to stand in its own right as the crust laden riff 'Red Countess' vomits forth with blasted speed and malice threatening to send the track over the edge into total cacophonic pandemonium. The riff to 'Barren Wasteland' is colossal and followed by a seismic double bass run that could crumble building foundations. It is the slower more pounding songs I prefer overall on this release as they’re heavier, stridently pulverising but extremely catchy. The Edge Of Sanity cover of 'Blood Coloured' has been brutalised with a much heavier sound as expected but stays true to the format of the original leaving 'Seed Of Ferocity' to close the album and continue to scald the listener with an excellent and essential old school death metal demolition.

  1. Where Gods Come To Die
  2. Vultures In The Blood Red Sky
  3. A Thousand Suns Will Rise
  4. Summon The Undead
  5. Revenge In The Afterlife
  6. Empty Grave
  7. Red Countess
  8. 0Perish
  9. Barren Wasteland
  10. Folded Hands
  11. Blood Colored (cover Edge Of Sanity)
  12. Seed Of Ferocity