Demonic Manifestation - World Of Horror

A tried and tested formula is expressed from this Mexican band via the cover art plus the blood red logo sitting at the top make predicting this bands style relatively easy. Grizzled old school death metal emanates from the speakers that prefers to drill like a jack hammer than flirt with technical bombast. You just cannot beat a buzz saw guitar tone and vocals that sound like the guy is heaving up his entire digestive system in one lurching gasp.

Squealing into life the opening track, "Primordial Domination", has a build up stench like "Hell Awaits" (Slayer if you've been living under a rock) as the tune gathers its marauding momentum to explode with a berating guitar riff and speedy approach similar to the likes of Scandinavian heavy weights Entombed and the sadly defunct Dismember. The drums have as much finesse as bathing in vitriol as power is favoured over technicality which is fine by me. Continuing with "Demonic Possession" the no frills approach drips with nostalgic nihilism where you are returned to a period in extreme metal that crawled out of the sewer with fetid potency and diabolical lunacy. Simplistic this may be relative to a lot of death metal around these days but this maniacal act would prefer to slit your throat than caress you with fret board acrobatics but that isn't to say the band can't play as they mostly certainly can.

For the first half of the album it did feel like it was running far too close to the Swedeath of the early 90s but as the album progresses it takes on a whole new level of filth with "Crematory", as doom disembowelment locks horns with crushing morbidity similar to the Finnish death scene that scoured the gutter of death metal to unleash some of the vilest music ever recorded from bands like Abhorrence, Demilich, Funebrarum and their ilk. Injecting the song with flowing dynamics create a very catchy tune with a grisly riff and some deft lead hooks scattered throughout.

Blasting repugnancy is unleashed via "The Tomb Is Open" and whilst I would prefer the band not to utilise a snare blast it does engrave urgency into the song like Sweden's Grave. The vocals hit infra sonic frequencies it feels here, they gurgle like choking on pus but still retain a clarity that is essential in death metal as far too often brutal death metal bands seem to think that singing in tones so low only a whale can hear is preferable which it is not. "Zombiechrist" is a little too close to Dismember for my liking as the album closes with the putrefying doublet of "Purified By The Flames Of Hell" a short rampant monster that scurries along like an infected rat taking chunks of flesh at the same time, leaving closing tune "Funeral Fuck" to drive home nails hard and permanent into your sonic coffin with crunching kick drums and snare hits like the hammer closing the lid firmly shut. The riff break is immense though a little short-lived as the tune adopts a death 'n' roll approach that adds melody to an album that lives and breathes in bowels of death metal from 20 years ago; I look forward to hearing the next album with glistening glee.

  1. Primordial Domination
  2. Demonic Possession
  3. Graveyard Rites
  4. Corrosive Humanity
  5. Manipulation Of Flesh
  6. Crematory
  7. The Tomb Is Open
  8. Zombiechrist
  9. Purified By The Flames Of Hell
  10. Funeral Fuck