Demonstealer - And Chaos Will Reign

Indian metal at it's finest. Smartly put together Demonstealer's "And Chaos Will Reign" blew me away with it's in your face multi metal assault.

I must admit that when I first subjected my ears to the album's opening track "And There Is Calm Before Every Storm" I was alittle put off, thought to myself: Man this isn't my thing... then the second track "Whirlwinds Of Devastation" jumped in and knocked me over making me choke on my previous thought of what this album might be about haha... Every track thereafter kept impressing the G-string off of me and had come to make me realize the significance of the opening track's title and sound.  Filled with technically advanced guitar work and killer keyboarding "And Chaos Will Reign" manages to cover varous aspects of metal music such as with it's heavy speed, power and symphonic death influences. Starting with a calm, then bringing the listener through a chaotic medley and ending with total serine with the closing track "In Desolation A Prayer" to me this track is reminessence of early Pink Floyd and shows how versitile this album is.

I give this (only available for download) album a 4/5 and highly recommend taking advantage and download it.

1. And There Is Calm Before Every Storm
2. Whirlwinds Of Devastation
3. Seething Pain That Leaves No Scars
4. The Empty Wasteland Of Despair
5. Elegy For The Grieving One
6. A Solitary Mass Of Flesh
7. In Desolation A Prayer
Demonstealer Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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