Deny The Urge - As Darkness Falls

Germany’s Deny The Urge release this their third album, and what an album it is too. This is bare bones classic technical death metal. Mostly a hybrid of mid period Morbid Angel and a splattering of Vader. Not surprising as Vader’s drummer James Stewart features on this album.

‘Loophole’ is particularly intense, a sobering lesson in both technicality and brutality. The intense melodic nature of the guitar work in parts of ‘Voices’ also really makes this very special. ‘Infected Curses’ hits hard, in fact the whole album does. It not easy to decipher from one track to the next, but when those moments come at you (as the aforementioned ‘Voices’ does), they hit hard and are received well. The production is spot on and the dark Dan Seagrave artwork too. This album feels and has all the hallmarks of death metal’s elite. The band should be very proud of this album indeed.

All in all, I have found this to be a complete package of technical death metal. Modern elements are intertwined and the stature and power of the recording are most worthy of high accolades. "Deny The Urge" is probably the best death metal album I have heard in this sub-genre this year, and looking back, probably for a few more years. Death metal fans should enjoy this, I have and I have already bought it too. Deny The Urge are certainly at the top of their game and are ones to watch.

  1. Intro  
  2. As Darkness Falls  
  3. Loophole  
  4. Altar Of Addiction  
  5. All Or None  
  6. On The Surface  
  7. Infected Curses  
  8. Voices  
  9. Perfect Disguise 
  10. Vatermoran  
  11. Medusa  
  12. The Processing  
  13. Separated Flesh

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 11, 2017
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