Depraved - Raped Innocence

I remember when I heard France's Depraved for the first time - I was reviewing their 2001 full-length album "Decadence And Lust" for a Bulgarian metal magazine called Brutallica. I loved the album back then especially the deranged roars of the vocalist Kristoff Henry. Then I lost track of the band until now when I received their new fourth album "Raped Innocence" for dissection.

The first impression is that Depraved is still in top form and Kristoff's voice is as brutal as ever. What you will find here are eleven songs of explosive death metal and grindcore that will rape your ears until you bleed to death!

There are also slight black metal passages found on the track '50 Shade Of Blood'. 'No Time For Peace' is heavily influenced by Bolt Thrower whereas 'See My Suffering' and 'God Forgives, I Don't' are typical Depraved grinding tracks.

The production is on a very good level and the cover artwork is quite fun. So do not waste your time, purchase this album and support one of the craziest French underground bands.


1. Intro
2. See My Suffering
3. God Forgives I Don't
4. The Mask Of Terror
5. 50 Shade Of Blood
6. Prisoner In My Mind
7. No Time For Peace
8. Mental Illness
9. Corridor Of Insanity
10. Mesmerize
11. Asylum