Der Rote Milan - Moritat

"Moritat" is Der Rote Milan’s second album and is a really good listen – as contemporary black metal albums go.

I will call it a black meal album...

It opens with a simple string picking, 'Die Habsucht', on the clean channel, with some cymbals and background music – then blasts into the full distorted sound. That track goes through a few changes of rhythm and guitar technique over its 6 + minutes duration. Track 3, 'Gnosis Der Vergänglichkeit', open similarly but then transitions into the heaviness in a more nuanced way. I like the continuity and difference in these two tracks.

Each track is a separate entity, opening and closing on its own, with its own pacing and flow – sometimes this works, and with this album, it really does.

For instance, track 4, 'Der Letzte Galgen', contains a completely new element for the album, a chant, reminiscent of something ‘native American’ - which is really the closest thing I can think of to describe it. The guitar is also repetitive here – so it leaves with this meditative feel.

In tandem with this meditation is a ‘squishy’ guitar sound I usually associate with depressive black metal – I feel this element in the sound adds good texture to the different segments of force and chunkiness throughout.

The album is not perfect – but could really open the door to unrealized possible aspects of black metal we have not yet explored.


1. Die Habsucht
2. Drohende Schatten
3. Gnosis Der Vergänglichkeit
4. Der letzte Galgen
5. Der Findling
6. Moritat