Deranged - The Redlight Murder Case

Deranged hails from Sweden and started in 1991 and released several items, including singles, EPs, splits and full lengths. "The Redlight Murder Case" is already their 7th and follows their 2006 release "Obscenities In B Flat". They switched to another record company which actually is founded by Deranged former vocalist Per. According to Wermen it is coincidence as you can read in the intie I did with Wermen last month. On this new album they also have a new vocalist called Martin (playing drums in Splattered Mermaids). 9 Tracks in fast tempo death metal with a thrashy edge and venomous leads. Tempo is also going down but the band is more exciting in the blast parts. Deranged is floating on the same wave they are the last years but they will never reach the impact they did in the beginning of their career.

1. Watch Me When I Kill
2. Strip Nude For Your Killer
3. Gently Before She Dies
4. Redlight Murderess
5. So Sweet, So Dead
6. The Killer Wore Black Gloves
7. Formula For A Murder
8. Death Walks On High Heels
9. Body Puzzle
Regain Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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