Desaster - Angelwhore

Hello, it's the evil motherfuckers from Desaster (Germany). Blackening the earth since 1998 this is their new release called Angelwhore. As you can see this is definitely not a commercial release. This disk contains the haunting thrashing blackmetal you can expect from a band like this. Mostly old-school riffs in between mid and up tempo varying from low brutality to higher melodic parts. Drums are pounding their way through the songs that contain tempo changes from heavy thrash till haunting melodies. Production is somewhat thin over-all and lacks power in the drums but after getting used to this, this is good album with some great riffs and evil vocal parts but of course only for underground evil motherfuckers.

1. The arrival (intro)
2. The blessed pestilence
3. Angelwhore
4. Conqueror's supremacy
5. Ghouls to strike
6. Nihilistic overture
7. Havoc
8. Downfall be thy blade
9. Revelation genocide
10. Mourning path (outro)
Metal Blade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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