Desecration - Gore And Perversion 2

A little story about this disc. 10 Years ago this was the debut of Desecration but due to the images, lyrics it was banned by society. Even the members were arrested. The album was released tru a copy version with bad quality. Now they recorded it because it deserves it. The strength of the songs are still there. Razorblade riffing, brutal vocals and furious drumblasts make this a wall of sound that is ultra punishment. Great album!

1. Raping the corpse (desecration)
2. Human gore
3. Penile dissection
4. It can't be my grave
5. Dead bitch in the skip
6. No more room in the freezer
7. Mutilated genitalia
8. Immense suffering
9. To kill with a drill
10. Pharaonic circumcision
11. Coprophiliac connoisseur
12. Fontanelle fornication
13. I.A.I.
Copro Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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