Desecresy - The Doom Skeptron

Dave Rotten (frontman of the premier Spanish death metal band Avulsed and owner of Xtreem Music Records) has always been a man with a good ear for qualitative extreme metal. This time he offers us Desecresy - a two-men band (Tommy Gronqvist on guitars/bass/drums and Jarno Nurmi on the mike) from Helsinki,Finland. The guys have released their second full-length album "The Doom Skeptron" (their debut "Arches of Entropy" was unleashed upon the world in 2010 also via Xtreem Music) and if oldschool dark doom/death metal happens to be your cup if tea then you definitely should listen to this CD.

What you will find here is plenty of heavy death metal guitar riffs,rumbling bass lines (most evident on the tracks "The Sceptre of Damnation" and "Vortex Unwinding") and drumming that is sometimes hypnotizingly slow,sometimes furiously blasting. Jarno Nurmi's vocals are nothing but deep,rotund growls and his way of roaring makes me think of Incantation. The dense wall of sound created by Desecresy is varied by eerie guitar melodies that strongly contribute to the overall grim and ritualistic atmosphere of "The Doom Skeptron". There is a fine balance between predominantly fast tracks like "Burial Adorations" and "Decline Resplendence" on one hand and slow,crushing pieces like the above-mentioned "Vortex Unwinding" (which is also remarkable for its awesome melodic passages) and "The Sleep of Titans". The closing and longest track of the album titled "The Solemn End" reminds me of the Australian metal machines Desembowelment with its simple,industrialized drumming which supports the evil grunts of Jarno. And in terms of production "The Doom Skeptron" has oldschool raw sound which in my opinion is the best choice for Desecresy's style.

Of course the band doesn't offer anything new on the extreme music field but in case you have hunger for some high-quality death/doom metal carrying the spirit of the early 90's then go out and buy this album. Desecresy wave proud the flag of Finnish death metal and deserve your attention.


1. Forged From Chaos
2. The Sleep Of Titans
3. The Sceptre Of Damnation
4. Burial Adorations
5. Declined Resplendence
6. Vortex Unwinding
7. Children Of The Burning God
8. The Solemn End