Desensitised / Peach Her - Split CD

On this split CD you can find Desensitised (Holland) and Peach Her (France).
Desensitised kicks off with 5 new tracks after their nice MCD "Thriving On Carnage". The development can be heard in the tighter played songs. Still brutal style with low vocals of which the girlie backup one is deeper. Different temposongs with massive guitars. Good progression!

Peach Her plays also death metal with a mix of hardcore and grind. Deep vocals and rubbing guitars in tempo changing songs. With guest appearances from Inhumate and Blockheads. The songs are good but it never hits off in an extreme part.

1. Stonerain
2. Smugness
3. Meltdown mutation
4. Black gold
5. Bought beauty

6. PVP (on the rocks)
7. Pop-corpse
8. My fork is a poltergeist part1
9. Rosted gambas
10. Too young to die
11. Some bothering story 2
12. Brain ice cream
13. My fork is a poltergeist part2
14. Vomit on you
15. Too young to die
Grodhaisn Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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