Desolator - Demo 2011

This is a UK thrash band, and it is not easy to find any sort of reference on the internet about them at the time of writing, but a cruel summary would be: - horrible sound, horrible songs, timing issues with sloppy execution thrown in for good measure. Ok, the fun police have been in session for me here, but this is a tried, tested and quite frankly an oversaturated formula. To compete in this market, it has to be spot-on and ok, it’s a demo, but there is surely a better method or studio to record in than this. The sound is muddy with the bass being way too loud in the mix, I may be a bit harsh, but that’s my honest first impression and it does not do the band any favours in their self-representation either, live shows maybe a different prospect altogether of course with the right sound engineer in tow.

On subsequent listens, even trying different sound systems, ok, I get it, they worship Tankard, but it’s really too close to being a cover band for me, although their Tankard cover is one of my personal favourites of those German beer monsters, it just inspires a little more hope that there could be more development possible, I just wish there was a little bit more individuality from Desolator. To be fair, ‘Mandatory Mosh’ does have a good feel to it, unfortunately the recorded sound overpowers the song, no matter how short it is.

Starting with a similar drum pattern from Anthrax’s ‘Indians’ (and ‘Among the Living’ later in the track), ‘Toxic Assault’ has a go at some enthusiasm, the tempo is spot on, but again, it’s the sound letting the side down, you lose the slight sparks of excitement underneath the overbearing cymbal crashes (in this case), but for all the negatives, I do like the arrangement of ‘Toxic Assault’ so there is a bonus statement for much of my negativity in this demo. I just wish it was recorded and mixed better, there is potential listening to the four original songs, but don’t expect a polished release. Every band has to start somewhere so to write them off would be a mistake, I myself would like to hear more and give Desolator a break, a chance to improve, but this introduction falls short of ones expectations for this genre.

  1. Desolator
  2. Mandatory Mosh (instrumental)
  3. Beer Brain
  4. Toxic Assault
  5. (Empty) Tankard (cover Tankard)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 16, 2012

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