Despondent Soul - Conspiracy Of Torture

Nasty, dark and chaotic. This is a description that I believe fits this release like a glove! Despondent Soul is a one man band from Finland and this is their first full length, and first release, with title "Conspiracy Of Torture". The music behind conspiracy is a pledge of loyalty to the satanic old school sound of bands like Incantation, Demlich, Immolation etc. "Conspiracy Of Torture" is a nice way to set off in the right foot in the death metal scene!

Chaotic like hell, mr S.J apparently behind the production as well as the instruments and vocals, managed to achieve a ridiculous amount of filth in the production. Something of course that fits the type of sound Despondent Soul represent. A short two minute intro and then chaos reigns. 51 minutes of old school rot, spewing from the speakers, that will leave no one untouched. Fans of shinny production and crisp clean technical death-core shit, just stay back. This is a release only for the lovers of an era almost forgotten. The songs are rather large, having an average of 7 minutes per song. Each one has almost anything that can be played in death metal. From blast-beats to ultra slow crawling beats reminding a sick style that could be described as Autopsy on speed. Yes I think this is a good reference for this one! The rotten sound of Autopsy combined with the roughness of Incantation, Immolation in age 2013!

The release though is not a 5/5 though. There are many black spots I would like to see changed in their second release. The drums of course would be the first one as mr S.J should try to program a bit better using more proper drum dynamics to the midi. I am not against drum programming as long as it is used properly. In this occasion there are times when the drumming especially in the blasting moments, gets really annoying as everything sounds equal! A second thing to improve, would be the vocals. Despondent Soul use the whispering type of death metal vocals, trying to succeed the choking voice of Incantation and bands like them. But there's a difference between choking the vocals, and actually whispering to achieve such type! All of course filtered through my personal taste, as someone else would probably find them excellent! To sum up all the above, I would say that Despondent Soul are (or..IS)  a band with potential. The music behind "Conspiracy Of Torture" is really promising, and I surely will wait for their next release as this one definitely gained my attention! Test your guts with it old schoolers... See how much you can take!

  1. Limbo (Of Souls And Spirits)
  2. Conspiracy Of Torture
  3. Death Was Our Companion
  4. The Suffering Of Others
  5. Descending The Ancient Caverns Of Hades (instrumental)
  6. Adoration Of The Beast
  7. Children Of An Immolated God
  8. At The Temple Of Human Darkness

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 21, 2013

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