Destinity – In Continuum

Destinity, did you say Destinity? Yes, I remember the band, and for once it is not Scandinavian even if its melodic death metal style would stick very well to Nordic productions! The band is reborn from its ashes and thanks to the enthusiasm it arouses, despite its years of silence since “Resolve In Crimson” in 2012, comes back to us with a new LP entitled “In Continuum”. To say that this achievement thrilled me would be too simplistic, it is at the same time the link between their last production and a projection towards the future, integrating a deliberate search for exploration of new musical lines.

We leave Scandinavia, generally considered to be the cradle of this specific style, and find ourselves back in a more temperate climate European country, in France. Comebacks are sometimes risky and perilous, but it is clear that the result is more than satisfactory, it is excellent and perhaps even on the verge of perfection and there is no shame in writing these words, so it was difficult to remain objective in front of this musical gem. This album hit me hard and will sound like a revelation on the music scene. That is true I am enthusiastic by nature but listening to it made the last opus of Dark Tranquillity downgrade in my top five. When objectivity takes over subjectivity, there can only be this final observation in terms of the artistic value of this piece of cake.

Like a snake that performs its moult, this time of reflection seems to have fully benefited to the band, the latter only comes back stronger. A lot of certainties and energy in the compositions, the possible slags that sometimes existed have disappeared! The whole is very compact, solid with a touch of melancholy because they explore through the track ‘Shadows’ a more intimate universe, darker perhaps, something more introverted. The ensemble is thorough, rich, all the musicians are at the top of their ability with their instruments, their frontman and vocalist enhances the ensemble by his performance and, like the others, impulses a lot of energy in the compositions. The optimal search for quality and efficiency are omnipresent, as much in the arrangements, as in the mixing and mastering. The melodic lines are chiseled and produce a blast effect for any discerning amateur.

On the ego side, no worries, we are dealing with workaholics who love their art! What the scene offers them, what their fans offer them is felt through their performances, because it is moreover not only a talented band but also real stage animals. In my diary it is one of the bands that I discovered “live” on the compositions of their previous album and which had left a very strong impression. Humility is certainly always present, but we can feel the high or even the very high level, the bar has been set really high! After several listenings it is like a certainty which settles in the spirits, mine at least, this band was born for that, entirely devoted to the melodic death metal style. We go from the stature of an honest band which made the pride of their country and were able to perform all over Europe to something bigger, more ambitious, more conquering. In view of the various compositions it is not even certain that they have reached their whole potential, I see this LP more as a transitional album, of a very high level, which will propel them to the heights that they are entitled to deserve.

So since it is always necessary to put forward flagship songs and symbolic of what the LP is, I will tell you quite simply, that the whole of the work deserves to be awarded, it is difficult to point out one song more than another. But if I had to name just one, I would give priority to ‘Shadows’, which in my eyes symbolizes the potential of the band.

Do like me, put the last Dark Tranquillity in your library and rush off to listen to the new Destinity. So I know it is easy because as a reviewer I have access to the entire album, you will have to wait a little bit for its international release scheduled for mid October. Do not miss it!

Line up:
Mick Caesare : Vocals
Sebastien vom Scheidt : Lead guitar
Stephan Barboni : Rythmn guitar
David Richer : Bass
Florent Barboni : Drums

5 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Ian Rache Nor

Sep 30, 2021

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Destinity – In Continuum

review Destinity - In Continuum

1. The Sand Remains
2. Reject The Deceit
3. Reflections
4. Shadows
5. Dawn Never Breaks
6. Architect Of Light
7. A Lucid Strain
8. Snakepit
9. Salvation


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