Destitution – Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man

Released May 2014, ‘Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man’ delivers that neck jerking thrash sound we’ve all loved since the early eighties. There are a couple songs on the album that have power metal overtones, and that fits well, but for the Dutch thrash metal band, Destitution, thrash metal is definitely their forte.

'Alcathrash' (kind of a cheesy name – but it works) has a few hints of old school Metallica and Anthrax in the mix along with some appealing bridges and changes. The anthems like verses are catchy and the beginning is reminiscent of old Slayer for a few seconds, but that ends.

There is even the staple ballad with 'Affinity', a slow tempo (kind of melancholy in the beginning) song that adds to the sensation of the album. Not many thrash albums have ballads, but the ones that do have been highly successful. This song has great overtones of early Exodus but not so much that Destitution gets lost in their shadow.

What is most notable on this album is the simple and clear production. Each instrument stands out on its own while blending seamlessly with the others and the vocals are clear. There is no wonder of why the bass is so loud or why the drums are muffled.

If you are an old school thrash metal fan, you’ll want to add this album to your collection.

  1. Mr. Greedy
  2. Alcathrash
  3. Criticize
  4. Rhythm of Horses
  5. Western Civilization
  6. Vigilante
  7. Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  8. Affinity
  9. Screenplay
  10. Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man

Self released
Reviewer: Darlene Steelman
Aug 10, 2014

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