Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland - Tour De Anal

What can you expect from a label like Bizarre Leprous ? Pummeling and ferocious grindcore from the Czech Republic of course. DEAG aren't new to the scene,they have two full-length albums ("Sealing Off the Vagina by Sewer Lid" from 2006 and "Cutterclit" from 2008) and this "Tour De Anal" is their third offering to the extreme metal world.

One look at the holarious cover artwork and titles like "Miss Petra's Farts","Cock-Kain" or "Dick Punch" and it becomes clear that we are dealing with a band that has a certain specific sense of humour. Nothing wrong with that but it is the music that matters most. In twenty tracks,you will be hit by blasting drumming,fast guitar playing and growling vocals. DEAG reminds very much of Dead Infection mixed with some of Cock And Ball Torture's twisted melodies. The music is powerful,the guitars riffs are groovy and mix the grinding brutality with some crust passages here ad there. The vocalist Vokatej demonstrates several types of extreme vocals,his throat is capable of grunting,growling and also sounding like a toad which is my personal favourite. DEAG manage to make their grindcore interesting by escaping the trap of constant blast beating and adding various tempo changes into the music. "Tour De Anal" ends with a splendid cover of Entombed's all time classic "Wolverine Blues" where Vokatej's voice sounds totally different than on any other of the tracks - more throaty and close to L.G.Petrov's original vocals.

If you like the stuff that Bizarre Leprous are famous with,then don't think twice and purchase DOAG's new album. It is a solid slab of grindcore from start to finish made by a band that knows how to play well this extreme genre.

1. Sexual Democracy
2. Rectaroo
3. Insertion
4. Promenade in Crap
5. Bamboo Cannon
6. Number One Screw Bitch
7. Tour De Anal
8. CircuMCision Schnitzels
9. Rectal Gate Security
10. Ureterakhamun
11. Dick Punch
12. Miss Petra's Farts
13. 100%4%
14. Queer-Lated
15. Jacked-Sized Cunt Lick Out
16. Glans Repurchase
17. Cock-Kain
18. She Has Hermackerel-Like
19. Flat5's Hand Job
20. Wolverine Blues (cover Entombed)

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Oct 30, 2014

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