Destructo - Untitled

With a 4 hits drum stick countdown the holocaust begins.

'Hellbent Speedfreaks' riff and vocals come straight from Venom's classic albums like "Welcome To Hell" and "Black Metal". The bass is bad ass high which gets the groove pumpin' on my chest. The whole song is a bastard mixture of NWOBHM with punk, just as Venom! The leads are Motörhead-ishly punk and there is an overall live atmosphere in the recording which increases the old school vibe.

'Motörcharged Mayhem' is another song that would play to metal pubs of the 80s. The riffs are fast and thrashy but a bit more punk here. The aggressiveness is convincing and the production is that of a lost 80s demo. The chromatics on the lead are very nice. The repetition of the basic riff will not bore you, it will just make you headbang.

Sabbat from Japan is one of the bands that cross my mind each time I think of a bastard mixture of Motörhead and Venom. So, the next song is 'Darkness And Evil' (cover Sabbat). The power chords sequence will blow your mind here. At the breaks when there is a shout "Darkness and Evil", Quorthon and the mighty Bathory of the debut album crossed my mind. The bass is pounding and brilliantly high in the final mix. The vocals have an echo that delivers hell and the lead guitar is a Slayer worship from the "Show No Mercy" album. Black/Thrash holocaust!

After the holocaust of the Sabbat (Jpn) cover, the 4th track 'Succubus' melodic intro is an unearthly theme, aetherial and weird, yet absolutely necessary at this point of the demo, wisely placed at this point. This necromantical intro could have been written by Necros Christos or Mortuary Drape. It evolves to a riff that reminded me of early Emperor accompanied with some marching drums. After almost 1:30 the thrash mania from South America hits with a monolithic riff reminding early Sepultura, Vulcano, Holocausto and the mighty Sarcófago, aggressive and passionate enough to blow your head. The lead guitar part is another Mortuary Drape worship and a brilliant way to end an excellent song.

There couldn't be a better way to close this orgiastic demo than 'Demonic Possession' which summarizes the spirit of Destructo. The vocals are abyssic. The guitar distortion and amp feedback is a part of the riffs which are performed with unmatched passion.

Destructo keep alive the spirit of the 80's proto black/thrash. The performance is great and the production is absolutely in the spirit. Old school black/thrash needs no polished shit. Just passion!
The Dutch did an excellent demo in tribute to the forefathers of the extreme and that makes me really anxious for the album! I would love to listen more personal elements in their next work. For now the demo itself is a blast and a must! Last rites: THE DEMONIC POSSESSION IS COMPLETE!!


1. Hellbent Speedfreaks
2. Motörcharged Mayhem
3. Darkness and Evil (cover Sabbat)
4. Succubus
5. Demonic Possession