Desultor - Masters Of Hate

'Masters Of Hate' is the debut offering from Swedish duo Desultor. Right from the start one can tell it isn't going to be an 'average' album. After a long symphonic introduction to sink it, "Black Monday" kicks off the album with what sounds like a heavy Thrash based sound but with lots of technical and complex moments involved. Then the singing comes in- yes that's right- singing. No snarling or a raspy bark. Clean, almost Prog Metal based singing. On the one hand it may annoy those who are used to Thrash groups like Slayer or hybrids like Dead To This World because they think the singing takes away from the aggressive nature of the muisc. But, with how insane the guitars and drums are sounding here, the singing actually helps out a lot, especially when delivering the various chapters of the story here. "Another World" is a fine example of this.

Of course, there are some screams/ shouts here and there on a track like "Division Insane," but they are only for brief moments as everything just pummels along with no pause or intent of stopping. The chorus sections are clean, but for most who have to have their aggressive vocal focus this track should certainly appeal to them. "Masters Of Pain" features some of the fastest drumming- everything seems to go by like a blur with this track despite that it is not short. Only the interludes give the music any calm, though some may say that 'Chapter II' is a bit more entertaining for the closing guitar section; the outro and intro just sound like something is playing around with a synth and while it is spooky, sounds far too simple when compared to the rest of the technical glory of the other tracks. 'Masters...' is a bit difficult to wrap one's head around if they are used to just basic chugging, but for those seeking something more progressive while not being too jarring on the 'stop n' go' measure, then Desultor definitely did something right when it came to creating thoughtful, entertaining music that has a direct focus while still remaining Thrash.

  1. Chapter I: New Era
  2. Black Monday
  3. Another World
  4. Denied
  5. Division Insane
  6. Chapter II: The Phoenix
  7. And So We Bleed...
  8. The Luxury Of Pain
  9. Caged
  10. Masters Of Hate
  11. The End