Dethrone - Dethrone

Well what have we here? A five track demo from Swedish thrash/death metal band Dethrone, new band to me but coming from Sweden surely they would be good?  Well you get five tracks clocking in at just under twenty minutes and mighty fine it is too!! Kicking off with “Chemical Apathy” this is a fine demo to showcase what this band has to offer. The playing is of a very decent standard with guitarists Jonas and David both really good. Bass is by Kenni and drums by Simon both who are very able with their instruments. The vocalist is Mattias and he does a fine job with some real good deep vocals, all the band are off a good standard which adds to this demo being a good start to their career.

All five tracks are good stuff and my favourites are the opener “Chemical Apathy” and the third track “Global Profit” which is a real thrash fest with some great galloping riffs which really show off the band to great effect. No filler on this demo and all the  tracks are goodies, with some highly proficient playing and some great riffs throughout. A really neat first release from them on Extreminal Production, hails to them for showcasing this band!

Well this was a good find and a pleasure to review, good band who I had never heard of before this, but one I really want to hear more of, looking forward to their next release, they have only been going since 2011 so definitely some good mileage to be made by this outfit. I see a lot more thrash than death in their delivery but that’s no bad thing as I love both genres so was an easy one for me to review!! Well done to all concerned and I urge you to get your mitts on this release as you wont be disappointed as it’s a cracker!!



  1. Chemical Apathy
  2. The Facebreaker
  3. The Global Profit
  4. When I Decide
  5. Forced Paranoia