Deus Inversus - Mastery Over The World

Deus Inversus play a rather heavy, quite demonic sounding blend of death metal reminiscing that of early Morbid Angel, perhaps some Nocturnus and in reference to their black metal influences, they do it quite akin to that of Behemoth. The production on offer here is quite raw although maintaining the heaviness but crystalline enough for the melodic parts (I'll get to that in abit!) The playing on record is very precise and extremely well executed, each instrument sounds rather mighty I do have to say. The song writing is very catchy and very solid though I do feel in the guitar department can be rather over-indulgent and thus I feel it sometimes takes away from the CD. At times, the soloing becomes very melodic and I feel that this rather lightens the evil mood throughout the album although it is brilliantly played. The vocal delivery reminds me of Glen Benton except a little bit deeper which to me on this album is a focal point and automatically catches your attention. Despite the album being well written/played etc, I do feel it rather passes me by. Once the initial impact of the album has passed the songs start to sound the same, much alikened to recent Vital Remain's records. This however is most certainly not a bad CD, it just seems to get abit sidetracked from the point at times I feel. Worth a listen if to like your blackened death metal and just to give you heads up.

Go check these guys out in September at this years NRW fest. Wrap your ears around "Goatpriest" and "Black Death".........can you feel it?!......evil!

1. Mastery Over The World
2. Beast In Sight           
3. Call Me The Devil           
4. Endless Path           
5. Black Death           
6. Goatpriest           
7. Down The Acheron           
8. Funeral Of God           
9. Unholy War           
10. Outro - Into The Abyss

Nihilistic Empire
Reviewer: Connor
Sep 14, 2010
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