Deus Mortem - Darkessence

It is a bit difficult when a band puts out a two track EP, and only one track is an original piece of work. Much rides on 'Darkessence' to make or break Deus Mortem, a relatively new Black Metal band from Poland comprised of only two members. However, they may surprise listeners. The opening "Receiving..." may at first come off as a typical thrashing, harsh speedy Black Metal track in the vein of older Darkthrone or Gorgoroth with the razor sharp guitars and high pitched shrieks of torture, but Deus Mortem evolve into something more after the first two minutes or so. At first the change includes a bit of rough, but chanting-esque clean vocals right before a highly melodic guitar solo with the drums slowing down to a marching, but high enjoyable Black n' Roll pace, and then the entire song slows down to a foreboding, darker tone that sounds like it came from a group like Funeral Mist. Of course Deus Mortem pick things up again, but they continue with this balanced dynamic throughout the second track- a Sigh cover- although as it is a cover, musical structure prevents the band from doing too much radical change. However, it is enough to intrigue the average Black Metal fan, who would be wise to give this a shot if they harsh Black Metal with brief moments of avant-garde clarity.


  1. Receiving The Impurity Of Jeh
  2. The Knell (cover Sigh)