Deus Mortem - Emanations Of The Black Light

I’m sad that I didn’t hear this album last year when it came out as it would have surely ended up in my top ten list for the year! However I’ve heard it now and I can tell you that “Emanations of the Black Night”, the debut album from Polish black metal duo Deus Mortem is seriously impressive! Opening track “Into the Forms of Flesh” builds up the albums dark, brooding atmosphere well before unleashing an extremely aggressive battering of violent black metal savagery, tempered with early Marduk style bleak death metal slower moments of intensive, catchy and harrowing precision and barbarity! Sporting maniacally grim vocal work, ravenous riffs and thundering drumming, “It Starts to Breathe Inside” is a further crushing testament to the savage all out power and menace of Deus Mortem’s brutal display! As far as albums go “Emanations of the Black Light” is everything I hope for in Black Metal, raging powerful hostility mixed with slow, brooding bouts of catchy, desolate bleakness!

  1. Into The Forms Of Flesh (The Rebirth)
  2. It Starts To Breathe Inside
  3. Receiving The Impurity Of Jeh
  4. The Shining
  5. The Harvest
  6. Ceremony Of Reversion P.1
  7. Emanation