Deus Otiosus - Murderer

Danish horror death/thrash/black merchants produce a touch of darkness without the need to shout about it. There is an understated charisma about this album, but in doing so; they manage to create a downright classic release. Slow burning evil gels with an obscure mix of classic death metal, not quite limited or pigeon-holed into any particular statement or genre. You hear masterful additions of thrashing chug-laden riffs fornicating natural flow and powerful arrangements, this is surprising considering that this is their debut album having formed in 2005 and certainly rewarding.

Anders Bo Rasmussen vocally engages in a horrifying growl on the album opener ‘I Have Seen Him Slay’, perfectly executing the power and stench of rotten death metal touching on early incantations of blackened teachings similar to the early Scandinavian first wave. ‘Thousand Arms of the Dead’ has momentum and a kind black/thrash about it, perfectly palatable and grisly to the core, all bases covered. ‘Ye Pigs if Little Faith’ takes the aforementioned first wave sound and adds the death metal monster. The band name when translated means “Idle God”, these Danes are certainly not idle when it comes to writing powerful rotten tunes, and I guess they are still working on their god-like status!

This album breaths reeks of heritage throughout the organic analogue sounds that punish the listener with a remarkable awakening of metal might, without the need for triggers or special effects. Simplicity provides monstrous musical nirvana. I very rarely give top marks, but I feel this album warrants particular praise for an effort that particularly stirs my senses and keeps me entertained, then again I am a complete sucker for old rotten sounding releases. ‘Murderer’ torments your mind with lyrical content and music that will not spare your soul come judgement day.

  1. I Have Seen Him Slay
  2. Thousand Arms Of The Dead
  3. Wall Of Violence
  4. Ye Pigs Of Little Faith
  5. Whore Limbs
  6. No Life
  7. Ash World
  8. Murderer