Deus Otiosus - Sis Mortuus Mondo

Whilst preparing for the recording of their upcoming fourth album, Denmark’s Deus Otiosus will release these two tracks that further develops their song writing skills. The EP will be released on CD and digital formats. The CD version will also include the bands entire debut album, ‘Murderer’ from 2010, as the original CD-version of the album is sold out, and highly recommended I might add (reviewed here: )!

‘Greater Horror’ starts with a fantastic brash and moving guitar riff before fulfilling your old school death metal desires. This band do mix a few other styles from first wave black metal to thrash, for this EP I find myself going back to the influence of their first two full lengths in terms of style, but the arrangements are furthermore polished and its clear lessons in progression are proven, but back is that slightly gritty production. ‘Seperatio Leprosorum’ begins like old Obituary, before crashing into a thrashier death metal wall of momentum and pace, more old school death without the overtly overdriven distorted buzzsaw sound (it still exists, don’t fear, but it’s a lot more subtle). Both tracks are equally viable for this band, the former makes a lot more noise for me personally, but overall, this is another fine Deus Otiosus release that you death metal fans should be eager to acquire.

  1. Greater Horror     
  2. Seperatio Leprosorum