Devastation – Idolatry

After having been given the remaster treatment and a beautiful reissue on LP through Repulsive Echo records now is the perfect time to rediscover this hidden Thrash gem.

After building their reputation through the US underground Devastation entered the legendary Morrisound Studio’s with Scott Burns and recorded their third and final album “Idolatry.” Released in 1991.

Devastation were among the bands that played thrash in its heaviest form and although not quite fully death metal they walked the line between the two genres while touring with both types of bands much in the vein of Demolition Hammer, Solistice and Dark Angel who they most resemble.

I think Idolatry sits parallel with Dark Angel’s “Leave Scars” album. While Dark Angel went more technical with longer songs with lots of time changes Devastation’s songs were more refined and concise.

Opening with a short yet effective synth introduction before exploding into 'Deliver The Suffering' this track perfectly captures the perfect balance of timing and the balance of speed and groove. Once you hear the opening riff of 'Forsaken Hatred' you will never forget it. It’s one of the catchiest thrash songs you will ever hear. It’s an onlslaught of riffery (as is the whole album). The title track starts off with an acoustic introduction before kicking into a slow punishing riff; the song builds up as it goes along gathering speed and intensity as the track progresses.

“Idolatry” sees a band at the top of their game and it’s a crying shame they never went on to record anything after this because the potential was staggering. The album stands up today. It sees a perfect blend of speed, intensity, brutality with pace, structure, melody and above all hooks! Either seek this album out for the first time or reinvest in this awesome new package. It’s a must for all thrash and death metal fans alike.

While interviewing Morbid Angel’s Steve Tucker he told me this was his favorite thrash album. Well, if says so you can’t go wrong!

  1. Deliver The Suffering
  2. Freewill
  3. Forsaken Hatred
  4. Souls Of Sacrifice
  5. Idolatry
  6. Legacy Of Faith
  7. Subconscious
  8. Never Believe

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 3, 2016

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