Devastation - Leather Jack Maniac

This Belgium version of one of the “many” bands taking the Devastation name (they were previously known as Black Fuel), make their mark in the thrash arena, or sweaty club, with a passion and delivery like 80’s Kreator. When I listen to the controlled chaotic riffing in the closing track ‘To Serve and Protect’; they possess a vintage sound and they don’t forget to expel their youthful energy in the process. If you are not swinging your head around after this one then my friend you don’t like thrash!

If you want a ‘License to Chill’ then you are in the wrong place, ever present chugging chord structures make your neck go insane, then the speed increases which gives the track the same haunting sound like those first two classic Slayer albums, but with a keen eye on the European underground. Some of the riffing is a little off the mark, mistakes crop up from time to time, but you know what, this makes no difference, the energy this album gives me really makes up for any misconceptions and shatters any historical reference I may have over the last 20 plus years listening to thrash developing and concentrating musical ability. By this I mean the raw energy and vibrancy I take from thrash’s earliest incarnations that makes its mark throughout ‘Leather Jack Maniac’.

If you’re of sound mind, you may want to invest in this release, it will certainly make you get a little bit of your youth back, its fast, nasty and hard thrash mayhem, wonderfully presented and simplistic in its approach, a solid victory for authentic thrash. Hi tops ready, cut off denim ready, even the bullet belts are polished (assuming they still fit you unlike mine!). This is a kick in the arse to complacency, Devastation embrace their songs with lyrics that don’t take a brain surgeon to understand whilst embarrassing some of the technical guys with a tirade of speed and fist raising knee jerk arrangements, you can do no wrong buying this classy little piece of music.

  1. Drink Till We Die
  2. License To Chill
  3. Isolated
  4. Leather Jack Maniac
  5. Kill The Messiah
  6. Government Incompetent
  7. Thrash In Hell
  8. Devastation
  9. 24 Bottle Of Freedom
  10. To Serve And Protect

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 21, 2011

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