Devastator - Underground 'n' Roll

Thrashy hardcore punk rock-n-roll is what Italy's Devastator is all about.This Italian trio brings a heavy punk influence to it's third full length thrash album entitled Underground 'n' Roll. Most songs are two minutes long or less but still carry a heavy punch. With song titles like "Satan Porno Dog", "I Hate Cover Bands" and "Metal J Fox" you immediately realize this isn't your typical metal band.  The heavy accented angry vocals take you on an all out verbal punk assault. The rock and roll guitar, with it's heavy fast blend of punk and thrash sets the tone of the entire album. While the pummeling drums give you a true bludgeoning assault on your senses. Not only will this album appeal to a wide variety of fans but it is also an excellent example of the perfect blend of three different genres. Congrats to Devastator for blending thrash, punk, and rock-n-roll to make a sound unlike any other.

1. Sambafukka Orchestra
2. Here We Go
3. Satan Porno Dog
4. Cemetery Beach
5. No Scout? Yes, Party!
6. Desert
7. Dead Pride
8. Rotten Surf
9. A Very Famous Corpse
10. Underground 'N' Roll
11. Smash Metal Drink Beer
12. My Sweet Cardinal
13. I Hate Cover Bands
14. Metal J. Fox
15. Hypocrisy

Self released
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Mar 21, 2010

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