Deviant Messiah - Demo 2008

The French death-thrashers Deviant Messiah started in 2007, formed by ex-members of the goth metal band In Memorian who wanted to go in a more aggressive direction. Two former members of In Memoriam who founded the band, guitarist Tonio and drummer Jr, departed in November 2008, leaving guitarist Benj as the sole founding member. The band, which includes members of the death-thrash band Dioxine, are acquiring a hardcore following performing in France and Belgium and have made their debut demo available for preview on their MySpace profile. Musically the four compositions that were written for this recording are a fusion of death and black metal, incorporating the technical and dissonant characteristics of those genres with the aggression of classic thrash and contemporary overtones. The elements of Slayer and Kreator most influential on death and black metal are a solid foundation of “I Am The Mad Messiah,” “Cold Blood,” “Destroy All” and the heavily eighties-flavored “Sacrifice By Gore” and the brief piano/keyboard outro “Mental Disease” contributes to the occult black metal theme of this demo. Demo 2008 is also available for purchase at the official website of Epiphora Productions.

1. I Am (The Mad Messiah)
2. Cold Blood
3. Destroy All (And All)
4. Sacrifice By Gore
5. Mental Disease (Outro)

Self released
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Sep 21, 2009

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