Deviation - New Generation Of Torture

This is quite simple - it’s Polish death metal, it’s very brutal in places, it has lots of influences from the US scene like the mid period Morbid Angel, some Suffocation and Malevolent Creation and a brash touch of vocal synergy with the more brutal bands of recent times. I must say, this is rather pleasing. Initially I was put off with the occasional (what I call) guttural pig squeals, but the main basis is classic death metal. Full of speed, tight and sharp drum work and a real precision in the guitar playing.

‘Why?!’ is the standout bruiser for me. The time signatures are swiftly despatched, the intricate style of the main parts blind you with energy rather than showing how good they can play and it means business! It’s slower and sounds heavier and presents atmosphere. The opener ‘Need to Kill’ is very fast, has a nice running bass sound highlighted in a couple of place, a bass bomb and some tight drumming. ‘Last Chance’ has a real Floridian death metal style to it that takes in a touch of groove coupled with a head battering assault, an arsenal of power from the entire arrangement, a standout closing tune.

Summarizing, ‘New Generation of Torture’ is a modern interpretation of some really solid death metal based on past masters. The arrangements are vibrate and full of energy.

  1. Need To Kill 
  2. New Generation Of Torture  
  3. No More Insanity 
  4. My Private Playground  
  5. Nuclear Disease 
  6. Why?! 
  7. Far From The Prayer  
  8. Last Chance

Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 5, 2015

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