Devildriver - Pray For Villians

Devildriver is a metal band from Santa Barbara, formed in 2003. This is their forth offering.

A good chunk of beating for the devil to put the pedal to the metal, the title song may beat you into oblivion with relentless double bass drums and tortured vocals. But there is more inside. The main speed of the album is a greasy middle groove designed to bang your head. Between hell, anguish and more bass drums piercing solos, some touch of melody and blues break up the monotony. There is even a bit of vocal melody on ‘I’ve been sober’ although I count that for the horrible misconduct of sobriety. The band displays a good sense of humour; just check the song titles. A good pickup for some bashing.

1. Pray For Villains
2. Pure Sincerity
3. Fate Stepped In
4. Back With A Vengeance
5. I've Been Sober
6. Resurrection Blvd.
7. Forgiveness Is A Six Gun
8. Waiting For November
9. It's In The Cards
10. Another Night in London
11. Bitter Pill
12. Teach Me To Whisper
13. I See Belief
Roadrunner Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 12, 2009

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