Devour The Fetus - Promo 2012

Zoots Allures! I haven't a fucking clue what that sample just said!?!? The opening sample of first track to Devour The Fetus new 2012 promo is in native tongue, French. So that sample was completely wasted on me. Then a burst of detuned guitars and drum machine comes from my speakers sounding hugely digital. The drums sound digital as hell. To me, there's definitely a knack to drum programming and these guys have yet to master it. Hell, I've dabbled abit in drum programming myself and I know it's hard to get it to sound real and not digital but fact of the matter it is and has to made the best of possible, unfortunately it's not here. The drums are very loud and really draw attention to themselves as being a drum machine. I must say I really hate the cymbal sounds here. I believe had the guitars been up abit louder and perhaps abit heavier it would have sounded a little cooler.

The guitars sound quite cool and well executed but the bass is inaudible and seems hidden in the mix. There's  very much a Devourment influence in the songs by means of the vocals and of course you can hear a Putrid Pile influence. There's quite an old school vibe in the riffing, I hear quite abit of Deicide and Morbid Angel too. This is all very cool but I have to say the songs are ridiculously titled. I don't know if they were originally written in French and translated but the titles are ridiculous and to me take from the vibe of the recording. However, it's not all bad, I reckon if these guys keep at the programming and refine their sound abit something real cool could come of these guys but they got to lose the silly titles and structure the songs a little better. Not bad but not essential.


  1. Anti-Wrinkle Fetus Cream
  2. Formol (Fetus Alcohol)
  3. Putrefying Tumor Placentomized

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Oct 17, 2012

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