Devouror - Slay For Satan

From Singapore comes the storm! Devouror's debut EP is an absolutely MUST LISTEN EP! Aesthetically, the cover turned me back to the Moyen classics. Devouror are not newcomers. This 5 piece is Shyaithan on guitars (Impiety), Antichristo Xul on vocals (Infernal Execrator), Asura on guitar (Deus Ex Machina), Cryptor (Ex-Demisor) on bass and Dizazter on drums (Impiety, Bloodlust).

Expect nothing less than a relentless riff attack throughout with the drums hammering the hell out and some gruesome vocals coming straight from the abyss!

After a short and to the point eerie sampling intro, only to get the atmosphere right, this warmachine fires its guns! Old school blackened death metal with thrash passages in 4 equally raw and powerfully blasting tracks!

The leads where used are shining in their excellency varying from melodic lines to shredding themes or tremolo picking. The bass is heavy yet flexible when soloing.
Their songwriting is powerful and brings to mind bands like Possessed, (early) Death, (early) Sodom, Sabbat (JPN) and of course Sarcófago (whose I.N.R.I. is masterfully covered).

The production underlines the band's great work giving it a thick and impressive sound far from being chaotic, but keeping it old school and unpolished, exactly as it should be!
I shall wait impatiently for the full length. Till then, their brilliant merciless fusion of thrash/death/black will blast my speakers very often.

1. The Decapitator
2. Ritualized Debauchery
3. Atomic Crossfire
4. I.N.R.I. (cover Sarcófago)