Diablery - Architect

Diablery are Luciferian based symphonic black metal hailing straight from Greece (originated in Chalkis by guitarist Nimerius but now reside in Athens). This diabolic unit have been in existence since 2008 and after numerous rehearsals and playing live gigs around Greece their first EP "The Catharsis" was birthed in 2010 and their 2nd EP "The Eye" came about in 2011 along with one of their first EP's tracks 'Vanity Of Darkness' was included in a black/death metal compilation titled "The Black Syndicate Vol.3" and "Hellenic Metal Of Black Death". "Architect" is the first full length from Diablery and I hope that this impressive piece of work will not be the last.

Diablery is a band who want to put out a message and give it's listeners something to learn, some food for thought while at the same time entrancing you into their realm. The lyrical themes of Diablery stem from science, philosophy, nature and space. This band carries out the teachings and voice of Lucifer who to them is man's inner flame, man's will. "Architect" is the album which does just this as when you listen to it's message you will feel it's Luciferian vibration and the essence of Lucifer will speak to both your mind and soul.

"Architect" is a well composed album filled with a very haunting atmosphere throughout. Heavy synths along with very mournfully demonic vocals make up the base of Architect's feel. The spooky evil begins at the intro with 'Mysteria Aeterna' which is out right eerie preparing you for the blackened path ahead. I really love the ghostly piano in this intro and also the classical instrumental pieces which appear here and there in this album. The drumming is right on and tight and everything here is simply well orchestrated creating a symphony of melodic devilishness.

I totally love this album and can listen to it over and over again finding something different within it each time. Deep and Dark intelligence is what "Architect" is about. Dwell within it's diabolical knowledge and allow it's haunting torturous sound sooth you senses. I give "Architect" 5 on 5 stars, there is nothing I would want to prefect within this album and I look forward to whatever other creation Diablery have to offer.

  1. Mysteria Aeterna
  2. Architect Of Manifestations
  3. Embraced By The Theurgist 
  4. Vanity Of Darkness 
  5. Magistris Inferiores 
  6. Thus Made Perfect 
  7. Seal Thy Mouths With Pillars Of Azurite
  8. Ichor Shrine Synagogue
  9. Blackness Enshrouds This Congregation
  10. Horn Of Amentet

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 13, 2014

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