Diablery - Candles

Demanding album, especially for the length of the songs, for these Greeks Diablery. The band, active since 2008, with this "Candles" reaches its second full length after their long distance debut titled "Architect" released in 2014. Before that, two EPs were released, in 2010 and 2011 and a split with the Shadowcraft released in 2017.

9 songs for over an hour of music is quite a gamble when it comes to a black metal album. However, "Candles" seems to be perfectly structured to be able to hold its own. We range on different instrumental themes, passing from epic outbursts to much softer and more symphonic parts. It doesn't take much for Diablery to make them understand their caliber and their intentions.

'Spiral Ascension Of Becoming' is a fantastic riot at the multitude of, let's call them, black experiences that the human mind can conceive. The album was conceived in a maniacal way and everything seems to be perfectly in its place set in a spiral from which it will be very difficult to find a way out. 'The Star - Veiled Face' will charm you with its symphonic and at the same time melancholy incipit. The textures of the riffs are perfectly constructed and distributed throughout the ensemble. A biting, powerful and evocative voice will be your guide on this long journey that I highly recommend you undertake.

Far from what their homeland could influence them, with this "Candles" Diablery surpasses themselves both in terms of composition and songwriting. Album to be listened to several times to be properly appreciated. perhaps one of the best fresh and innovative releases of this 2021. However, the symphonic part that can be recognized within the guitar textures is very marked. Emotional and interesting album from every point of view.

'The Coming Fog' is another super song where you will be mesmerized by the plots built by the band. And we can continue like this indefinitely. This excellent album ends with the instrumental 'The Core That Burns Forever'. We believe more in these bands and their potential. Absolutely must-have album in your collection.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Three Torches Lit
2. Sanguine Emissions Of Aeonic Ecstasy
3. Spiral Ascension Of Becoming
4. The Star -Veiled Face
5. The Coming Fog
6. The Piercing Ice
7. Moonlit Dome Revealed
8. The Earth Covered My Face
9. The Core That Burns Forever