Diabolic - Excisions Of Exorcisms

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Diabolic is a constant in the fast moving underground scene. Formed back in 1997, these worshippers of the horned guy already released four full length releases as well as a demo, two EP's and a compilation. At least by now you should know this band is no unknown quantity in the international music scene. “Excisions Of Exorcisms” was released via Deathgasm Records earlier this year and fans of Krisiun or Angelcorpse should pay attention to Diabolic. What you get is pure high speed blasting with hate-filled lyrics about Satanism and evilness. No joke - this album is pretty extreme and brute. The only exception is the mid-tempo track “False belief”. The bigger part of “Excisions Of Exorcisms” is bursting of blast beats and razor-sharp riffs in the vein of the aforementioned bands. Huge surprises are scarce, but the self-imposed devotedness to extreme Death Metal is anything but boring. Clocking in with about 35 minutes of total playing time, this album is neither too short nor too long, but in my opinion the outro “Infernal Darkness” should have been replaced with another song. The recording quality once again reminds me of earlier Krisiun releases. In my opinion underground Death Metal should exactly sound like this. So there are no complaints about the production. I'm not quite sure if this album will boost the status of Diabolic, but it's without any doubt very ambitious, entertaining and a demonstration of the bands potential. It might also reduce the waiting time for your favourite acts new output. Enough said. Give Diabolic a try.

  1. Excisions Of Exorcisms

  2. Hellish World

  3. Venomous Habitations

  4. Evil In Disguise

  5. Bloodwashed

  6. False Belief

  7. Entombed

  8. Fragmented Kreation

  9. Infernal Darkness

Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 18, 2010

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